Word On The Street Is Rob Ford and The Biebs Got In A Fight The Night Rob Ford Was Caught Smoking Crack



Star – Toronto mayor Rob Ford, right, gets out of his SUV as he arrives at his home in Toronto early Thursday May 1, 2014. After maintaining for months that he is not an addict or an alcoholic, Ford announced Wednesday he is seeking help for substance abuse. Mayor Rob Ford’s latest spiral into substance abuse began on St. Patrick’s Day weekend just over a month ago, with a party at an exclusive Toronto club that helped provide booze to the past two Ford Fests. On March 15, the Saturday just before St. Patrick’s Day, the mayor took four men he had met outside city hall back to his house, ordered a party bus, took them down to Muzik nightclub and proceeded to drink to excess, according to eyewitnesses to the evening. On March 15, an hour before he disappeared into a washroom at Muzik, Ford ran into pop star Justin Bieber in a common area of the exclusive nightclub near Toronto’s waterfront, according to witnesses. Ford tried to shake Bieber’s hand and became enraged when Bieber jokingly asked him, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?” Security ushered Ford back to his party booth, where he was entertained, along with the four men, by three paid party hostesses. The Star has been unable to reach Bieber for comment.


First of all I hate people trying to make a big deal out of this Bieber/Rob Ford beef. Simple misunderstanding. Bieber made a joke. Rob Ford didn’t get it and got mad for a second. That’s what Rob Ford does.  I’m sure they laughed it off and partied the rest of the night together. After all Rob Ford is on the record as being a Belieber so let’s not make a mountain out of a mohill here.

More importantly I have an honest question. Is crack really that bad? Like I’m sure it’s bad if you abuse it and end up on Intervention or some shit, but can’t you casually use it? I mean everytime I read about Rob Ford getting in trouble it’s on the weekends or on holidays. I feel like you should be able to do whatever the fuck you want to do on the weekends. Maybe if it was a weekday and it was effecting his Mayoring abilities that’s one thing. But who cares if he just wants to let loose on the weekends. His biggest crime appears to be that he sucks at hiding it. The only thing that should matter is whether he’s doing a good job as Mayor. That’s it. Everything else is garbage. I have no idea why we hold politicians to high moral standards. None of them have high morals. They just lie to us and pretend to be other people. Give the guy who doesn’t pretend to be somebody he’s not 100% of the time. At least I know who I’m dealing with there.

Bottomline is crack or no crack I ride or die with any Mayor who eats wings like this..





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