Who Gives A Shit About the SI Swimsuit Issue Anymore?


I think I’ve written this blog the last 5 years about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and I’m re-writing it again because our search engine sucks and I can never find anything I’ve written before which is frustrating as hell. Anyway as far as I’m concerned the SI Swimsuit issue is the most over-rated, antiquated event of the year. Like yeah this was a big deal when I was 12 years old learning how my dick worked and jerking off to Christie Brinkley and shit. But now with the advent of the internet and free porn who gives a shit? Who wants to look at photoshopped and airbrushed pictures of chicks? If I want to look at pictures of Kate Upton I can google her and have a zillion pictures at my fingertips. But honestly I’d rather look at our smokeshow galleries 1 million percent of the time. Real candids of real girls. Yet every year it seems people still freak out about it. Why? It makes no sense. The only way SI could keep me interested is if they used all chicks like Michele Jenneke. Girls that aren’t professional models and made videos of them. This video I can watch. But other than that who cares?


PS – Although I will say if I did still care about the SI swimsuit issue I’d be walking to Congress right now to protest Nina Agdul not being on the cover. That has to be one of the great screwjobs of our generation. Kate Upton is yesterday’s news. Nina Agdul runs circles around her. Obviously politics, foul play and sleeping with the editor must have been involved. There is just no rational explanation for how anybody with a brain could have picked Upton over Agdul this year. Right here. This is the cover….Boom done.


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