Who Are The Stupidest People In the Barstool Communithy? Comment Section People Vs. Facebook People Vs. Twitter People?


So somebody tweeted this at me today. That the comment section people are bigger idiots than twitter people. Well nobody has never been more right about anything in the history of life. I’m not sure why this is the case, but there is definitely a difference between comment section stoolies, twitter stoolies and facebook stoolies.  And without a shadow of a doubt comment section morons are by far the biggest morons of the group. It doesn’t matter what I say 99% of the feedback is going to be negative. “Throw me in an oven, I wish Hitler killed me blah, blah, blah.

Next up on the moron spectrum is facebook Stoolies. They are like 75% negative. They love complaining that I’m clogging up their feed. Chiming in with  “nobody cares” and “”stop wasting my time”  The beauty of facebook stoolies of course is that they follow the fan page and that’s the only reason it shows up in their feed in the first place.

Lastly we have twitter Stoolies.  Dare I say twitter people are normal? Sure I get a couple wackballs who tweet nasty shit to me everyday trying to get me to acknowledge their existence, but it’s mostly normal comments from seemingly normal people.

The whole thing is strange. I basically say the same exact shit on all 3 internet platforms and I get 3 vastly different reaction types. I’m not sure if this qualifies as an official scientific study, but the facts are indesputibale.

Final Online Idiot Scale

1. Comment Section
2. Facebook
3. Twitter

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