When Will The Main Stream Media Start Taking My Mayoral Campaign Seriously?


From DavidBernstein.com

And “Erika” asks:

I noticed you listed David Portnoy of Barstool Sports in your (awesome) mayor bracket. Do you think he’s a real contender?

Contender in the (awesome) Mayoral Madness challenge? Yes! Especially if some of these other pols don’t wake up and start spreading the word the way he has. Contender in the actual election? Well, that’s a different story. But he told me he was serious about running a campaign, which is enough to get him ranked above an awful lot of other folks. And it’s certainly entertaining to imagine what his administration would be like.

I’m going to give this David Bernstein cat credit. He is the only guy who seems to be remotely taking my candidacy for mayor seriously. I keep seeing the Globe, Herald blah, blah, blah mention all the possible candidates and not mentioning me.  Well you know what all these other candidates have in common? They are nobodies. I’ve never heard of any of them. And more importantly they have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to reach their audience. They need to buy radio, tv, digital advertising to get their message across. Hey guess what? I have the biggest website in Boston with a direct 24/7 hotline to my constituency. If I want to tell my voters something I just press publish. That’s what these political experts still don’t get. All the numbers tell the same exact story. If anybody can mobilize the 18-30 demo they will win the election. That is exactly what I plan on doing and there is nothing anybody can do to stop me.   April 17th is when I will file my papers with City Hall and everybody will see just how serious I am about this.

PS – I’m beating Maureen Feeney in the Sweet 16 bracket and I haven’t even mentioned it yet.   You want to see the power of the blog?  Go vote for me.   Hey Feeney see ya later chump…. Vote for me

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