Wheel Of Fortune Celebrates “Southern Charm Week” With A “Picture Of Slaves.” Oops!



I put “picture of slaves” in quotations in the headline because you know what? I’m not sold that these women are slaves.¬†For starters, I don’t think color photography was around in slavery’s heyday. Second of all, you see black women in front of a plantation looking home and immediately think they’re slaves? Not me. Not in my post-racial America. If you see people of color at a southern estate and immediately think “slave” then that sounds like a you problem, my friend. Maybe YOU’RE the racist, ever think of that? Perhaps those black ladies are doctors who enjoy dressing up in period piece costumes? Maybe they’re actors. Perhaps they’re just rich kids who inherited a ton of money from their grandparents and don’t have to work so they just dress up and fuck around all day. Who knows? But did I see them and immediately think “those are slaves.” Oh no, no. Not me, because I’m not a racist.



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