What’s Up With Bieber’s Best Friend Trying To Fuck Selina Gomez Right In His Face?

DM - He’s best friends with her ex. So it may raise a few eyebrows to see Justin Bieber’s BFF Alfred Flores walking arm and arm with Selena Gomez.But Justin needn’t worry, as the 25-year-old video editor was simply being a gentleman.Despite first appearances, it seems Flores was merely walking the 20-year-old Disney star to her car after a late night on Sunday. The two were with a party of friends who had attended the Warner Music Group/In Style 2013 after party at the Chateau Marmont in LA. Alfred is known as a director and editor and Bieber’s best friends. He’s typically beside his buddy at awards shows. But since Bieber was not nominated for any Grammy awards, the 18-year-old wasn’t in attendance.

With fucking friends like these who needs enemies? I mean this is some serious bullshit. Rule #1 of being buddies is when your boy breaks up with his girlfriend the chick automatically becomes dead to you. D-E-A-D. Doesn’t matter how bad you want to fuck her. Doesn’t matter how hot she is. Doesn’t matter how friendly you were with her. This is the one defining mark of true friendship. It’s what separates guys from chicks. Chicks will ALWAYS fuck their best friends boyfriends. Guys won’t. That’s why guys have real friends and chicks all sneaky hate each other. And as far as I’m concerned holding hands with is the same thing as fucking. Biebs needs to cut this kid off and cut him off yesterday.

PS – Although having said all that if Selena gave me those smokey eyes I’d probably stuff her right in my best friend’s face too.

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