What Would You Do If You Walked In On A Murder?


This is the worst trend in history. People filming shitty situations and publishing how others react. Well let me say it loud and clear: I’d get an F in every single situation. There’s that show “What Would You Do?” and the answer every single time for me would be “Mind my own fucking business.” Doesn’t matter what’s going on, I’m not doing a thing. Could be someone being a racist or sexist or bigot or murderer, I ain’t stepping in. Because when shit like this goes down the best case scenario is that it’s some pranksters making a YouTube and you’ll get a few comments saying you’re such a good person. Worst case scenario? It’s a real murder and this guy isn’t leaving witnesses.

Although I guess if we’re being honest maybe, just maybe, I’d risk my life for a single positive internet comment.


Good Samaritan Law? Lock me up!

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