What Are Some Of The Most Fun Things We Stop Doing As Adults




Lovely little chat on KFC radio today following our interview with Hank Azaria. Kevin and I got into things we stopped doing as adults that were tons of fun as kids. Shit that we had no reason to quit. Some examples, you ask? Sure, I’ll tell you because that’s the kind of guy I am.


Chocolate milk – Chocolate milk is fucking delicious but for some reason it’s taboo to order. Why’s that?


Playing catch – Playing catch is the most American thing you can do on top of the most fun. Just the best leisure activity in the history of the world. It’s hypnotic and relaxing as fuck. In fact, I recommend that the CIA start employing “catch” as an interrogation tactic at black sites because once you’re in the midst of a game of catch you’ll start spilling anything in the world. You just feel comfortable.


Jumping and touching things – Most accomplished feeling in the history of the world and absolutely no need to ever stop achieving that. Jump and touch doors, banners, lights, whatever. You instantly feel better about yourself and once you jump and hit something you’ve basically achieved enough that day to head back to bed.



Listen to the podcast for the rest and the great interview with Hank Azaria.

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