The Plunge For Pete Frates Is 1 Week From Today In Gloucester. Team Barstool Is Still $1500 Short Of Our Goal


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UPDATE - So we’ve raised $3,500 bucks so far for this.  The good news is that means I don’t have to dunk.   The bad news is the money goes to charity.  Again the target goal here is 5K.   5K and I dunk.   Read all about it here..


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Ok so one of my buddies called me up the other day and asked me if I was familiar with the Pete Frates story.  I was not.  Apparently he is a former BC Baseball captain, like 8 sport athlete at the Prep who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs disease.  He is also a big time Stoolie and they are having one of those artic plunge events up in Gloucester in a few weeks to raise some money and awareness for ALS.   My buddy wanted to see if I’d be interested in going. Well fucking right I will. Any excuse to don the Schilling Robe for a good cause is okay by me. Seriously though it’s obviously a great event. You can read all about Pete and his story on

You can also join the plunge event or sponsor me. There is a 50% chance I don’t dunk because truth be told I fucking HATE cold water. I struggle getting into the ocean at Madaket in the middle of August nevermind Good Harbor in the middle of December. But here is my promise. If we raise 5K I’ll dunk. If not I’m not going below my dick.  And yes we’ll videotape to prove it.


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