We Need To Publicly Execute Every Protester Who Blocked 93 South This Morning To Show This Type of Behavior Won’t Be Tolerated

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MILTON, Mass. —Activists whose arms were inside concrete barrels shut down Interstate 93 during the morning commute Thursday to “protest police and state violence against black people.” Two groups blocked traffic on I-93 northbound at East Milton Square and 1-93 southbound at Mystic Avenue in Medford, Massachusetts State Police Lt. Daniel Richard said. “We are getting units down there and equipment to clear the roadways, but we want to do that in safe manner,” Richard said. “We are asking for everyone’s patience because traffic is going to be disrupted for quite some time, and people are going to be late for work.” Some of the protesters in Milton were sitting on the highway with their arms shoulder-deep inside the sealed 1,200-pound barrels. In Medford, protesters formed a human blockade, chaining themselves hand-to-hand with “lockboxes” to stop traffic on the busy highway.The group said the action was in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. “Today, our nonviolent direct action is meant to expose the reality that Boston is a city where white commuters and students use the city and leave, while Black and Brown communities are targeted by police, exploited, and displaced,” said Korean-American activist Katie Seitz.


Thank God I slept late today. This shit was happening right outside our office. This could have been me waiting in this traffic! THIS COULD HAVE BEEN ME! Seriously what are we going to do with these people? This can’t keep happening. You can’t live in country will millions and millions of people and have a handful of lowlife losers trying to disrupt everybody’s lives. Jail isn’t good enough. That’s a win for these people because they are probably homeless anyway. They deserve to be killed. And not just an easy death either. Anybody who chains themselves to a barrel on 93 South during rush hour deserves to die a horrible gruesome slow death.

Everybody with a brain knows they aren’t proving a point. They aren’t aren’t changing anything. They aren’t making people think about Ferguson or Eric Garner.  They are clinically insane if they think that.  The ONLY thing they are doing is being a menace to society. They are homeless, jobless, losers who blame all their problems on “the system” No different than any other criminal or drain on the system. Not enough bad things can happen to these people. I want them all harassed, dead, murdered.  I need these people beaten to death by the people stuck in traffic and the police to let it happen.

PS – I wonder if the Globe still thinks we should coddle these motherfuckers? Hey Berto where you at you dumb fuck?





Boston.com – Let’s start locally, where Boston and State Police worked hard to maintain order and not press the peaceful protesters into a confrontation. The departments were receiving kudos throughout the night for their response. But not everyone was happy when the police shut down highway ramps to keep protesters and drivers safe. Take for example, David Portnoy, “El Presidente” of Barstool Sports, and pied piper for 13 year old boys who can’t access real porn: Boston’s PG-13 Joe Francis wannabe wasn’t alone in his anger (feigned or not) over blocked highways.

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