Water Polo Player Does Not Take Loss Very Well



Look I’m not gonna pretend this wasn’t funny. I laughed. But that’s just because I watched it on the computer. If I was there I’d hang my head and scoff. Because there’s nothing worse than the guy who thought he was so cool around the pool. Everyone knows him. Running around pantsing people and pushing them and half-jokingly trying to drown everyone. “Hey look at me! I’m gonna dive off the shed!” Bam! No you’re not bro, that’s the shallow end. Hope you didn’t like the use of your legs. Have fun always being picked last in gym class. “Oh I’m gonna run around the outside of the pool during Marco Polo. Everyone will love this!” Shapow! Watch out for that wet spot you asshole, you just cracked your skull in two. Think I’m not gonna hear you flopping around and having a seizure out there? My ass. Fish outta water! Fish outta water!

Pool hardos are just the worst. Just trying to relax and catch some choice rays bro. If you want to be cool just pop a chick on your shoulders and let her chicken fight until her tits pop out. No need to go around pushing dudes into the pool. You look like an asshole.


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