Waitress Gets Her Own Stolen ID Handed To Her When Customer Orders A Drink

DM An Applebee’s waitress got the shock of her life when she asked a customer for her ID and was handed over her own stolen driver’s license. Brianna Priddy, from Colorado, never expected to see her stolen driver’s license again after her wallet had been stolen weeks before. She certainly did not expect to see it handed to her at her place of work.

I don’t understand how something like this happens. I knew my fake ID better than I ever knew anything in my entire life. It was from Delaware so I knew all kinds of First State fun facts. I knew my address and zip code and Zodiac sign. I spent more time studying the intricacies of that ID than I spent studying any textbook ever. It was your pass to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. Forgetting the info on your ID would be like Peter Pan forgetting the directions to Never Never Land. Absolute rookie mistake by this chick. With great power comes great responsibility, like buying your friends beers and not giving your ID to the girl who’s in the picture.

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