Viva La Stool From Spencer Hawes To Afghanistan To The Quack Like A Duck Guy To Bloomington Indiana And Beyond…..

Spencer Hawes rocking the bootleg Philly Barstool shirt

Quack Like A Duck Guy just slinging it with his dick per usual. Maybe best Viva sign ever.  PS – Dude on the left needs to chill out with his eyes

God Bless America

 Teamwork at it’s finest

“Murica!”  Not gonna lie. Kind of want to floss my teeth with pink thong

Hoosiers before beating Michigan

82 Airborne PFC Daley  Hoo Rah

Smoke dressed like a pirate

Happy Valentines Day Indeed.  I love chicks

Gameday from Butler

Most Aggressive Ass shot of all time and I ain’t mad one bit

Blizzard Starfish Swag hat sighting

Class of 2014 from somewhere

Prep School Face on Gameday from Indiana

Best ass on the planet and she knows it. Yum

Mid Life Crisis Looking Stoolies

Umm actually maybe this is the best ass on the planet?  Either way I’m pretty sure I’m hard…

Stoolie standing far away in front of a building


QU bros making a fridge out of snow

Best Foursome ever…

Squid Patrol in Italy  (serious advice though.  Don’t wear American Eagle)

Weslyn Snow Cave

Stoolie dominating Jay Z in his own house

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