Video Shows Turkish President Watch As His Armed Guards Beat The Hell Out Of Protesters In DC

About 1:15 mark Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pops out

If you missed it, bloody brawls broke out on Tuesday in DC between protesters and Turkish guards.

This is what happens when you bring the Turks into a free democracy for a couple minutes. You see, they don’t tolerate protests and shit. They can claim to be a parliamentary democracy but we all know the drill. You act up like this in Turkey and you’re never heard from again, your family’s never heard from again, your dog’s never heard from again.

So you plop these guys down in the middle of DC, of course they’re going to charge protesters and beat the living fuck out of them. If you’re appalled by that you’re an idiot. You’re probably the same person that heads to North Korea for spring break and can’t believe it when you end up in labor camp for 10 years.

I think I actually saw the Turkish President grab some popcorn and say, “oh baby here we go, hundred bucks Timmy draws the most blood.”

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