Update to the Update About the North Andover Girl Who Got Suspended From Her Volleyball Team For Being A Designated Driver: Now the Newspaper Which Said She Lied Has Retracted Their Story About Lying…And Around and Around We Go



By: Tom Duggan – October 22, 2013 Updated 3PMThe Valley Patriot published a story this morning citing Law enforcement sources in North Andover who claimed High School student Erin Cox was to appear in court on charges of possession of alcohol. The Valley Patriot has since learned that this information was false. Cox did not appear in court this morning and sources at the court say she was not slated to appear with the other students who were cited for underage drinking in Boxford earlier this month. B Law Enforcement sources had also told the Valley Patriot that the media hype surrounding Erin Cox being suspended for allegedly giving her friend a ride home from a drinking party was … “a lie.” Law enforcement sources in Boxford and North Andover also had told the Valley Patriot that social media posts show other students at the underage drinking party had posted on social media sites calling Cox a “liar” for claiming she was not at the underage drinking party when it was raided by police. While these posts did appear on social media The Valley Patriot cannot confirm the truthfulness of the claims.

Click to Ready the lawyer for Erin Cox’s family’s statement.


And click on the video below to read my statement on this whole fiasco…..


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