Update On High School Senior Suing Her Parents….Judge Rules Against Her But She Still Won the Day In My Book


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MORRISTOWNA Superior Court judge today refused to order a Lincoln Park couple to pay private school and college tuition for their 18-year-old daughter who moved out of their house and is suing for financial support.”Do we want to establish a precedent where parents live in basic fear of establishing rules of the house?” Family Division Judge Peter Bogaard asked. Rachel Canning, a senior at Morris Catholic High School, went to court to force her parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning, to pay her child support, her private school tuition, medical and related bills, college expenses and legal fees. Canning is an honor student and athlete, but her parents have stopped paying her bills because, they say, she would not obey their rules.

Much of today’s hearing focused on the behavior of Rachel, her parents and her boyfriend, with frequent disagreement over facts. Rachel and her boyfriend both had two-day suspensions from school, and Bogaard said he thought it had resulted from her “vulgar postings” on social media about her parents. The judge also cited certifications submitted by the Sean and Elizabeth Canning about their daughter’s alleged history of staying out and drinking during the week. Once, he said, she was driven home by her boyfriend’s parents at 3 a.m. In addition, Bogaard said, Rachel was removed from her position as captain of the cheerleading squad and from the campus ministry.

That settles it. I’m all in on this chick. Like ALL IN. I don’t care if she’s in high school. So was Britney when she wrote Hit Me One More Time. You don’t just run around being the catholic school girl gone bad who is suing her parents because they won’t let you fuck your bad boy boyfriend and not shoot to the top of my list. This chick is doing it all. Drinking, staying out late, getting removed as captain of the cheerleading team, getting kicked out of the campus ministry. Yes, yes and more yes. So naughty it hurts.


PS – The dude who dates this chick is never going to be more powerful than he is right now. Just the big swinging dick at Morris Catholic High School. Probably cheating all over her ass too.

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