Umass Darthmouth Campus Embroiled In Massive Sheep Theft Controversy





There is a chance this is the funniest email I’ve ever read in my life.  So much to do about sheep.  And such fantastic adjective use by this Chancellor.  I mean if you closed your eyes you may actually think she’s talking about Never Never Land for a minute.  Nope this is Umass Darthmouth we’re talking about.  It’s just hilarious how distraught she is combined with the fact that the sheep didn’t even last a fortnight.   Like they put the sheep down and 10 minutes later they were stolen and vandalized.    It’s so Umass Darthmouth it hurts.  Oh well.  I guess the lesson learned is some people just can’t handle success.  Or in this case Umass Darthmouth students just can’t handle whimsical and heartwarming sheep.  You can’t help people who don’t want to be helped.

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