UMass Announcer Bro “Gets Trucked” (His Words Not Mine) Is My Favorite Blog of the Day

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Hi guys I’m Chris Doherty, the one who got trucked in this story

I wanted to give you the ESPN Video with my Play-by-Play audio. I think the story was hilarious so I just want you to have the best quality possible.

Hope you can update your story with this new video.



Blog Earlier - Poor Press Row Bastard Gets Absolutely Destroyed During UMass/LSU Game


Awesome follow up.  Turns out that poor bastard from earlier survived, and not only that, is a Stoolie to boot.  Love it.  Can’t keep a Stoolie down, no matter how hard you piledrive him into the floor and smash his laptop.

PS – Fuck being on ESPN bro.  You’re on the Stool.  The big time.




umass umass2


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