TIME Magazine Puts Renaissance Russian Architecture On The White House In What Must Be Some Kind Of Message?


Alright first of all I have to get something off my chest — I think this looks kinda sick.


Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 10.31.32 AM


It’s a wild but great look imo. The way that 16th Century Russian finish spills over The White House like a chocolatey fudge? Delicious. Power city. Sup Chyna?

Second of all, it got me thinking: how bizarre is it that we call The White House The White House? How’d we settle on that basic ass name? It’s like 1984 type shit. Orwellian. Newspeak. Like “all other modes of thought impossible” so we just named it after its color. “Hey folks so we’re going to build this great democracy the likes the world has never seen and at the center of it we’re going to have the leader of the executive branch and that leader is going to live in a monumental house and that house is going to be white so we’re going to officially call it ‘The White House.’ Any questions?”

It’s nuts.

Third of all, I think TIME is trying to say Trump and Russia are banging.

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