Tim Tebow Was the Peacemaker in a Violent Aaron Hernandez Bar Fight


Orlando SentinelTim Tebow tried to stop Aaron Hernandez from getting into a violent bar fight in 2007 while both were football players at the University of Florida, according to Gainesville police records. Hernandez, then a 17-year-old freshman, punched a bouncer in the head causing a broken ear drum on April 28, 2007, according to the police report. … The report stated the following: A waitress at The Swamp bar allegedly brought Hernandez two “alcoholic drinks,” which he consumed but refused to pay for. That’s when Hernandez got into a fight with a bouncer at the bar. Hernandez told police [bouncer Michael] Taphorn got in his face and began yelling at him. As Taphorn turned to walk away, Hernandez punched him in the side of the head. .. “Tebow stated that he witnessed the dispute,” the officer wrote. “… Tebow stated that he went over to try to help resolve the conflict.” Tebow went on to say he urged Hernandez to leave peacefully and tried to make arrangements to pay the bill. Two hours later, another officer found Hernandez and spoke with him about the incident. Tebow was present during the interview. The officer wrote Hernandez did not appear to be intoxicated and was, “very polite and professional.” Hernandez told the officer both he and Tebow had already called then-UF football coach Urban Meyer and informed him about the incident. A day later, the investigating officer told Hernandez’s attorney, Huntley Johnson, he would not be pursuing charges in connection with alcohol served to minors at the restaurant, but he wrote, “it would be noted in the report so the coaches could handle it internally.” … Tebow developed a close bond with Hernandez early in his career with the Gators, hosting Hernandez during his official visit before signing to play for the Gators.

Ah, Tim Tebow.  Is there nothing he cannot do? When he’s not winning games he’s restoring peace, calming down homicidal maniacs and getting them to cooperate with the police.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he laid his hands on Taphorn’s ear and cured him on the spot.  He is such an instrument of the Lord, so powerful is the holy light of eternal salvation emanating from him, that even a violent sociopath like Aaron Hernandez can’t resist it.  One second, teenage Hernandez is in a drunken rage, rupturing some bouncer’s eardrum, and a few quotes of scripture from Tebow later, he’s beating his swords into plowshares and making nice with everyone.  I guess this explains what Mr. Kraft was talking about when he talked about Tebow’s “spirituality” being a big selling point.  Sure Mr. Kraft and I took some crap from Mike Felger over it, but after reading this, I think we can all agree that if the Pats had brought Tebow in sooner, maybe three of AHern’s victims might still be alive today.  Like the Good Book says “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” (Matthew 5:5-9)  If only you’d gotten here in time, Tim.  If only you’d gotten here in time.  @JerryThornton1

PS.  I love how the criminal justice system works in Florida, where the cops have to run everything by the football coaches before they make an arrest.  Oh, and thanks for the head’s up on Hernandez, Urban Meyer. Way to let your friend and mentor Belichick know Hernandez was psychotic from his freshman year.

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