This Segment About Barstool and Marc Fucarile Made Me Cry A Little Bit



Not gonna lie.  Cried a little bit during that.   To be honest I had no idea this piece was going to be that much about us.  I just thought it was about Marc and how he was doing and we’d be a little segment on why we picked him blah, blah, blah.  No idea it was going to combine us with him and the blue collar spirit of Boston.  Either way I thought it came out great and kind of illustrated why we picked him in the first place.  Anyway as I’ve said a million times thank you to all the Stoolies who helped.  Without you guys and all the support we’ve gotten over the years we never would have been in the position to raise money.  It’s almost embarrassing to even be thanked for it.   Marc is a Stoolie.  He is everything this site is about.   We protect our own.  That’s kind of the deal here.  I wish we could have done more.


PS – I got to work on my blink game for my next TV appearance.  I thought my nose was on point, but my eyes were being uncooperative.


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