This Obama Missed Layup Is Unexplainable


YoutubePresident Barack Obama went 2-of-22 on his home court Monday as he took part in the White House’s fitness-themed Easter Egg Roll. How rough was it out there? Here’s part of the pool report from Alex Leary of the Tampa Bay Times. ”Obama started to take shots amid the kids and pros. Miss. Miss. Off the rim. Miss. Miss. Off the rim. Airball. He moved closer to the net. But time and again, he missed. Of 22 shots POTUS took, he made two.” ”At one point, POTUS handed a ball to a boy and asked for help. The boy made the layup. ‘He couldn’t make one. I had to help him out,’ said Kahron Campbell, 10, of Landover, MD.

I just saw Kmarko post this. It wasn’t up for 3 seconds before Washington executed the guy who filmed it and burned the footage. I don’t blame em. If that crackpot from North Korea who loves making youtube videos sees this shit he’ll just walk right through the front door of the White House and wedgie Obama. Seriously what the fuck is that layup? I mean I’m horrible at basketball and I’ve never missed a layup that badly. I thought Obama could kind of play? Isn’t that his thing? Like hey I’m Obama and I’m black so I talk hoops and pretend I’m not half bad. Well that was just about the worst shot a black man has ever taken in his life. I’m stunned. Just stunned. It’s impossible to miss a shot that badly if you’ve played once.  I’m literally speechless right now.

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