This Guy Shoveling Shirtless And In Shorts In Central Square Is A Classic Masshole




I’m sure this guy tells everyone it’s not that cold when they ask him why he isn’t wearing a shirt. Fuck you bro, yes it is. It’s literally freezing. Frozen water is falling from the sky. Put on a North Face, hardo.


PS – The craziest part of this picture is that fucking shovel. Push shovels do not work. You just move snow rather than actually getting rid of it and they always leave like 2 inches of snow/ice on the ground. “Hey maybe I’ll just push this” is a thought everyone has every time they shovel, and their next thought after they do it is always “Well that was fucking stupid.”


h/t @mevesdropping


UPDATE – Apparently this is this dude’s move.  A stoolie just sent me this picture from the last storm.  Needless to say he has to bring back the Wolf hat.  Needs to.

BdAjh11IAAAvBIr.jpg large

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