This Gronk Family Sizzle Real Is the Best Thing On the Internet Today


So according to Junior this is a sizzle reel for an animated TV show that the Gronks are pitching to TV networks.  My question is who wants to watch an animated Gronk TV Show?  Give me the real thing.   Make it like Big Brother with all the Gronks living in one house and put it on HBO.  Non stop partying, wrestling, spiking contests and titties everywhere.    I can picture it now.  Belichick calling in the middle of a party with smokes hanging out the windows and Gronk trying to shush everybody so Bill doesn’t think anybdoy else is at the house.   It’s gold Jerry Gold!


PS – Lots of people chirping me that Junior had this sizzle real first.   Umm did you notice the hat Gronk was wearing in the video?   Everything is coming up Pageviews!


Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 10.22.23 AM


Double PS – Do I win the internet when we have our first annual Gronks Vs. Barstool/Johnny Manziel Bro Show Wiffleball game this summer?  And yes it’s really happening.


BXOBW8GCQAA5WbZ.jpg large

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