This Animation Of My KFC Radio E. Coli Christmas Story Is Tremendous

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I’ve got a tale or two throughout the history of KFC Radio that people seem to like, from the New Orleans debacle to my quarter life crisis to the time I was left alone in a hospital room on Christmas Eve. They all have one thing in common, my misery and misfortune. Stunning that people don’t like to see me happy but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. In fact, people hate seeing me happy so much that just last night I got a tweet complaining that I’m due for another meltdown and they’re happily waiting for it.


Nonetheless, as incredibly painful as this memory is, the cartoon cracked me up. Something about a child spending Christmas alone that just really plays in animated form. Shoutout to the guy over at animatingsports for taking the time to draw this up, he knocked it out of the park. Except for the fact that my dad isn’t blonde or doesn’t have a mustache and I was definitely wearing boxers, it’s spot on.

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