There Isn’t A Bigger Fraud On the Planet Than Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad swim ht_diana_nyad_jef_120820_wg



(CNN)After more than 48 hours of swimming, Diana Nyad is just a few miles shy of a goal she’s been chasing for more than 35 years. The final strokes will put her up against two familiar and formidable adversaries: fatigue and jellyfish. Nyad, 64, on her fifth attempt to swim the 103 miles from Cuba to Florida without a protective cage or flippers, was roughly 2 miles from Key West by late morning Monday, according to her website. Jellyfish stings have helped thwart her attempts before, so divers are swimming ahead of her, collecting jellyfish and moving them out of Nyad’s path. When instructed Monday morning to follow the path that’s been cleared for her, she flashed her sense of humor, replying: “I’ve never been able to follow it in my life,” according to the website. In 1997, Australian Susie Maroney completed the swim from within a shark cage. She was 22 at the time.

Is there a bigger fraud than this Diana Nyad bitch? The first 4 times this cunt tried to swim from Cuba to Florida she kept quitting because Jellyfish were biting her ass. So what do they do this time? She’s got a team of Jellyfish removers to clear the path for her. How the hell does that count? I mean you might as well be swimming in a pool.  I mean people realize that she’s not the first to make this swim before right?  Her claim to fame is she’s the first one to do it without a shark cage.  But who gives a fuck about that if her team would just harpoon any shark that gets close to her anyways. The Australian chick who already did this on her first try but with the shark cage must be shaking her head right now.   Give her a team of 40 people clearing the path and I’m sure she could do it without a shark cage too.  Total dogshit.

Bottomline is this.  If this bitch wants to act like she’s the first person to swim from Cuba to Key West without assistance then she needs to do it by herself. Have a little helicopter follow you or something. But you shouldn’t get any help from other people or have a team clearing a path. That’s not beating nature or the ocean. You’re a cheater and I hope you drown or better yet a shark comes by and eats you 100 yards from shore so everybody can see it played over and over on Shark week.

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