The Westboro Baptist Church Threatens To Protest At UMass Because of Derrick Gordon



Masslive – Well, this was probably – and unfortunately – inevitable. A day after University of Massachusetts sophomore Derrick Gordon revealed to the public that he is gay, the Westboro Baptist Church tweeted Thursday (and in Spanish, too) that it will travel to Amherst to demonstrate and picket at the university. Date, time and other logistical information is not yet available (the church maintains a running list of upcoming pickets here).

First of all there is no way that the WBC shows up at Umass. This is their gig. They always say they’re going to show up so everybody talks about them and then they don’t show. Combine this with the fact that there is no easy way to get to Amherst and I’d say there is negative infinity chance they actually make the trip. That’s why I usually ignore this shit, but in this case I’m BEGGING them to come to the Zoo. They won’t know what hit them. They’d just get rioted to death. It will be the last move the WBC ever makes. Like 1 year from now people will be asking what happened to those wackos? Oh they tried to protest at Umass and nobody ever heard from them again.  I think they are buried with all the lost souls under Hobart Lane or something.

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