The Red Sox 2 For 1 Hotdog Deal/Bait and Switch Has To Be The Biggest Scam In the History of Modern Civilization


I just had to chime in on this hotdog deal the One Eyed Bandit is offering right now. I got about 10 emails the other night from disgruntled Stoolies who were literally freaking out about it. Apparently they only offer the 2 for 1 dog deal at like 2 hotdog stands in the entire park. They’re probably both out in the Monster Seats so you can’t even get to them. Seriously one guy said he almost passed out from hunger looking for it. I wasn’t going to mention it, but the Sox are actually running ads for this shit. All things being equal this may be the most dastardly thing the One Eyed Bandit has ever done. If you’re going to offer 2 for 1 hotdogs do it fucking everywhere! Honestly I don’t even get it. How much is a god damn hotdog? It’s just so obnoxious to build an entire advertising campaign on 2 for 1 dogs and say it’s a thank you for the fake sell out streak and then only sell them at like 1 or 2 locations. Who wants to walk around the entire Park looking for that stand? It’s ludicrous. Just when you think the One Eyed Bandit can’t sink any lower he does.

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