The Reason Bethel Johnson Cursed The Patriots Is Because They Traded Him Without Telling Him He Had A Broken Leg #curseofbethel









I got to be honest when I first heard about this Curse of Bethel stuff I sort of thought it was funny.  Not anymore.   Now I think there may be something to it.  Because the more I read into it the more it was like peeling back the layers of an onion.  Mystery, intrigue drama.  Apparently the reason Bethel cursed us is because the Pats didn’t tell him that he had a broken leg.  They just let him run around doing his thing thinking he was 100% healthy. He only found out after he was traded.  “Like you’ve been traded to the Eagles and  oh by the way Bethel your leg is broken.”  Now we’re paying the price for it.    #curseofbethel


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