The Pussification of America Continues: Students Get Suspended for Doing the U!S!A! Chant

CaliFour California high-school students were reportedly suspended for chanting “U.S.A! U.S.A!” and wearing American flag bandanas during a basketball game. While their punishment has since been rescinded, school administrators said “the incident is far from over.” Oxnard Union School District superintendent Gabe Soumakian told Fox News Radio that “we need to pursue this further” and “work with teachers and students and the community about the concept of cultural proficiency.” Soumakian and Camarillo High School principal Glenn Lipman felt that the students’ actions might have had racist undertones since the schools have large Hispanic student populations. “We wanted to make sure [their actions weren’t] racially motivated, and I told the kids I just want to be sensitive to the feelings of everybody,” Lipman said. “If we’re doing it for patriotism, that’s fine. But if we’re doing it for something else that’s racially motivated, I’m not going to allow that.” But the students deny any racial element to their chants. “We’ve done it always,” one student said. “It’s something we do. It’s the same group of friends. We’re all very patriotic.” The four students gained support from their peers: More than 100 students gathered by the school’s flagpole the following morning to protest in patriotic clothing.

This isn’t Russia, Danny.  Is this Russia?  This isn’t Russia.  So to review: Principal Lipman thinks that chanting U!S!A!, in America, at a gym filled with Americans, is racist because some of the kids… American kids… are Hispanic.  Or it might not be racist.  It might just be patriotic.  But he suspended them anyway, just to err on the side of caution.  Good decision.  I mean, get a load of that pack of racist, white supremicist, redneck hatemongers in that crowd.  It looks like a goddamned Aryan Nation meeting in there.  Clearly what those xenophobic bastards need is a good healthy dose of the concept of cultural proficiency.

Seriously though, is there anyone left in academia with even the first fucking clue how the world works?  Do Lipman and Soumakian have any idea that people have been chanting U!S!A! at sporting events since the Miracle on Ice?  Hell, I do it if I start the snowblower with one pull or  find good parking spot at the mall.  But these ivory tower asshats who’ve spent their whole lives in education have so little practical real world life skills and are so predisposed to find Nazis behind woodpile they can’t tell the difference between a patriotic sports tradition and a hate crime.  And if they have to derail a few kids education to show how culturally sensitive they are, it’s a price they’re willing to pay.  God bless the kids who rallied to expose these dickbags.  Maybe there’s hope for my country yet.  America.  Fuck yeah! @JerryThornton1


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