The Least Shocking News Of All Time – Michael Phelps “Unretires” In Preperation For The Rio Olympics






ESPN – Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement, the first step toward possibly swimming at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The 22-time Olympic medalist will compete for the first time since the 2012 London Games at a meet in Mesa, Ariz., on April 24-26. Bob Bowman, the swimmer’s longtime coach, told The Associated Press on Monday that Phelps is entered in three events — the 50- and 100-meter freestyles and the 100 butterfly. “I think he’s just going to test the waters a little bit and see how it goes,” Bowman said by phone from Baltimore. “I wouldn’t say it’s a full-fledged comeback.” Phelps had vowed that he wouldn’t swim into his 30s. His camp is being low key about the comeback.

Fuck this guy. I don’t know why this shit bothers me so much, but it does. All that shit from the last Olympics was one gigantic publicity stunt and everybody fell for it hook line and sinker. Everybody but me that is. Michael Phelps didn’t fucking retire.   He didn’t miss any events. Swimming only counts as a real sport 1 week every 4 years. He didn’t miss shit. Not 1 competition.   His “retirement” was made up storyline for stupid people to believe. Now we’re going to have to listen to his unretirement storyline till Rio even though he never retired in the first place. The whole thing makes me want to puke. Between him and Lochte I think I’d root for North Korea in the pool in swimming

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