The Hardy Boyz May Become BROKEN After All

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WrestleZone- Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is working on a deal with Impact Wrestling to bring Matt Hardy’s “broken” character on TV. He also notes that the deal has not yet been finalized.

Matt has been using many of his “broken” mannerisms in the ring and even encouraged a delete chant at WrestleMania 33 following his and Jeff’s WWE RAW Tag Team Championship win. Matt also continues to use the #Broken on Twitter.

WONDERFUL! This news is WONDERFUL! Being at WrestleMania live, I had no idea whether or not The Hardy Boyz were BROKEN. Obviously they were back to their old theme/color scheme/titantron, but Matt was wide-eyed, smiling, and DELETE-ing all match long. Upon my rewatch, it was even less clear, because commentary didn’t acknowledge it at all except for this opening line by Cole…

For the past few weeks they’ve been very on and off about the gimmick. On television, it’s been off. Matt will give a “DELETE” gesture here and there, but in promos, it’s mostly “I’m so happy to be back here in the WWE” as seen below.

But on their exclusive YouTube videos (always worth watching):

Matt embraces it all, and teases the conversion to full BROKEN well.

If I’m booking, I take this very slow, and tease it constantly Jekyll and Hyde style. Have Matt turn heel on Jeff after they’re beaten for the RAW Tag Team Championships, and build to a one on one match that Jeff wins in some insane fashion. Like a cheesy horror movie from the 80s, have Matt knocked out after going through some ladders and tables and shit, open his eyes WIDE, look around, and yell…”DELIGHTFUL!”. You can go face or heel with the character after this, it doesn’t matter. BROKEN Matt should explain he turned on Brother Nero so he could return to his normal self. This way, Matt will be the most over member of the active WWE roster, and Jeff, having won the feud, can go on to challenge for the WWE Universal Championship. Vince apparently has huge singles plans for him, as he should. 2009 Jeff Hardy was one of the most over wrestlers of our generation. We could have gotten the modern day Hogan vs Warrior with Jeff and Cena if they went that route at WrestleMania. Better late than never, and I’d be open to capitalizing even if Jeff is 39.

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