The Chick Who Sings “All About That Bass” Is From Nantucket?

First of all I fucking love this song. LOVE IT. Reminds me a bit of Amy Winehouse. Anyway I was doing some research on the girl who sings it (Meghan Trainor) today because I’ve listened to it 1,000 times and I think she has star written all over her. It turns out she’s from Nantucket? What the hell? Does everybody know this? Am I late to the party here? It’s only the #1 song in America and rightfully so. Song is a 10.   Also just for the record guys do like something to hold onto in bed.  Just a fine line between bass and fat.

PS – The country version that 101.7 the Bull made is pretty sick too. Almost makes up for them ending their commercial free summer this morning. Hey fellas summer isn’t over yet. I hate people who quit on the summer early. Huge pet peeve of mine. August is still prime. Nobody wants the Bobby Bones show. Stick with more music. Less talk. Figure it out.

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