The Barstool Combine And The Barstool Bro Show Episode 3 Featuring ESPN’s Todd McShay

Full Bro Show Episode 3

Bro Show Part II After the Youtube Freezes For Some Reason Including Prancercizing and McShay’s Strike 3 Call

Just the Barstool Combine


The Bro Show is becoming the new Saturday Morning cartoons for adults.   It was originally supposed to be a Friday afternoon show but the last two weeks we haven’t even been close to hitting the deadline.   Once again we tried to step it up and once again lots of things blew up in our faces.  Either we’re idiots or filming an internet TV show and successfully uploading a gigantic file to youtube is much more difficult than it seems.  Probably 80/20 idiots since we did mic up McShay at the combine since he was the only person we cared about only to have the microphone not even work.  I almost felt bad for Sales Guy when he had to come clean with the news they fucked that one up.  Oh well so much for our new video guy who was supposed to be awesome at video.   A+ effort.  D execution once again.

PS – There is no debate I won the combine.  Big Cat ran the 3 cone drill 3 times which is blatantly illegal.   Only the first 2 scores count.  The rules couldn’t have been clearer.  Not to mention his argument doesn’t even make any sense about how I knocked over the cones and then replaced them and made a shorter course for myself.   The facts are (which the tape doesn’t show here) that after I knocked down the cone and didn’t get a score Big Cat went next.  I took a break to catch my breath.  So even if the course was somehow shorter which it wasn’t Big Cat’s 2nd score came on the same course my 2nd score came on which I shattered.    Game, set, match Pres.



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