That Idiot Who Asked Kate Upton To Prom Took Nina Agdal Instead


THGJake Davidson, the L.A. teenager who famously asked Kate Upton to his senior prom, landed a solid consolation prize in Danish supermodel Nina Agdal. Agdal was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition’s 2012 “Rookie of the Year.” She’s also the hot, bikini-clad girl on the beach in those Carl’s Jr. ads. And last night, she was Jake’s prom date. When Kate Upton, 20, couldn’t go due to a conflict, Nina, 21, contacted him asking if she could instead.


I’m not one of those jabronis who thinks Kate Upton is gross. She’s a little large, yes, but if you don’t think she’s hot then you’re a moron. Now, having said that, trading Kate Upton for Nina Agdal is the steal of the century. The fucking CENTURY! I can’t even think of a reasonable analogy for it, that’s how incredible it is. It would be like trading three idiots who travel with their toys for Sydney Crosby. Again, I think Upton is hot. But Agdal is on another planet.

It’s actually gay how ugly I think Upton is after I look at pics of Agdal. That’s how big the difference is: Agdal is so hot that she makes me hate other girls to the point where I question my own sexuality.




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