Teens Participating In “Operation Beautiful,” Encouraging Girls To Not Wear Makeup


ABCTeens at Plano Senior High School in Texas are trying to redefine beauty, rallying students to wear no makeup Friday — an initiative they’re calling “Operation Beautiful.” “I just really began to see how I don’t need makeup to be beautiful,” said Madeline Milby, 17, vice president of the student congress and a senior at PSHS, which is in the Dallas suburbs. “There’s so much more to me. It’s your personality, your passion and what’s inside your heart.” Plano Senior High is a school with 2,500 11th and 12th graders. Milby said she would spend up to an hour and fifteen minutes getting ready for school, putting on makeup and styling her hair. It turned out that a majority of the girls at her school were doing the same. That jump-started the idea of “no makeup day” at PSHS.

Why do girls do this? Makeup is a gift. It’s a beautiful tool to be a better person than you truly are. Refusing to use it is spitting in the face of science. Show me a girl like Madeline Milby who says beauty is on the inside and I’ll show you a single girl. An hour and fifteen minutes is nothing to gain a solid two points on the hotness scale. This kind of “natural” shit may fly for Madeline while she’s in high school but I think she’s in for a rude awakening in college. You know, when her passion, personality, and what’s inside her heart leaves her home alone on a Saturday night, sobbing into an empty carton of Ben and Jerrys and all her hot ass sorority sisters are out getting fucked by their hot jock boyfriends. They invented makeup for a reason, because you’re ugly.

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