Spags Vs. Loud Sean 1 on 1 Game Will Be Live On The App At 10am on Tomorrow

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So I assume most people know about this Loud Sean Vs. Spags rivalry. In all my years of doing Barstool it is the most intense, real, bitter rivalry I’ve ever seen at this company. Just pure hatred from each other and rightfully so. It all started 2 weeks ago on Barstool Radio when Caleb casually mentioned that Spags and Loud Sean almost got into a fist fight at a Karaoke Bar after the Tex watch party at the office. But even I wasn’t prepared for what unfolded. Just the most awkward intense real conversation in the history of the Stool. Loud Sean staring across the table at Spags with daggers in his eyes and Spags coolly and calmly telling his side of the story with lifeless eyes like a shark.

Well now the official date for this infamous basketball game has been set. It will be sunrise Tuesday. (AKA 10am sharp) Loud Sean Vs. Spags with manhood on the line. Will Spags get Alpha’d by Loud Sean? Will Loud Sean score 17 in the paint and bury 4 jumpers in his face? Will Spags try to fuck Sean’s wife if he wins? So much hate. So much drama. So much bad basketball is sure to unfold. The only way to watch this game live will be on our Barstool Sports App. It will be streamed live there. If you don’t have the app you won’t be able to watch it. And something tells me this is an event you don’t want to miss. Hate like this only comes around once in a lifetime.

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