Somebody Do Me A Favor And Cue The Duckboats!!!!

Kansas City Royals v Boston Red Sox


How many parades is that now since the turn of the century?  8!  8 fucking parades since 2000.  Other trashbag cities would die for 1 title in any sport.  Hell they’d die for 1 title appearance.   But not here.  Anything less than hoisting a banner is a colossal failure. I’m talking 3 Red Sox World Series victories.  3 Patriot Superbowls.  1 Celtics World Championship. 1 Bruins Stanley Cup.  Just an unreal run that will never be surpassed by any city in the history of the world.   Winning is now a birthright in Boston. No wonder everybody hates us.  I’d hate us too if I didn’t live here.  All we do is win.  Doesn’t matter the sport.  Doesn’t matter the team.   I honestly pity anybody who isn’t from Boston.   It’s the greatest city on earth with the greatest people and greatest sports teams.  Just 7 months ago we showed the world our inner strength after the marathon bombings.   Tonight we showed the world we don’t just survive…we dominate.   Winning World Championships will never get old.  Cuckholding the universe will never get old.   Now somebody do me a favor and cue the music!

PS – While I know what I’m about to say is kind of nuts I feel like the Sox winning this World Series so close to the Marathon bombings is a giant Fuck You to Terrorist #2.   I hope the Feds had him chained to a chair with his eyeballs pried open watching the city he hates so much and caused so much heartache celebrate with unabashed joy.   Like you didn’t accomplish anything you disgusting asshole.  This city is stronger and prouder and better than ever.  Fuck you.


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