Soccer Ref Gets His Head Cut Off And Put On A Stake After He Stabs A Player And Kills Him



ESPN - An amateur football match in Brazil led to two deaths as a referee was beheaded by spectators after he had stabbed a player. The shocking incidents occurred in Maranhao, Brazil, last Sunday. According to reports, referee Otavio Jordao da Silva fatally stabbed footballer Josenir dos Santos Abreu. Dos Santos Abreu is believed to have struck the referee after questioning a decision. In retaliation, Jordao da Silva stabbed the player. Having witnessed the incident, an outraged group of spectators turned on the referee. He was tied up, beaten, stoned and quartered. They then put his head on a stake and planted it in the middle of the pitch.


This story has been sent to us roughly a billion times so I guess I’ll post it. But is anyone surprised? Does this actually shock people? Soccer is known for maniacal fans. Brazil is known for brutal killings. Combine the two and this is what you get. Yeah if this happened in America at an NFL game it would be the biggest story in the world and there would be congressional hearings about it. But it didn’t. So seeing as roughly 96% of soccer games end in riots I’m sure the powers that be were just happy the savages that did this didn’t light the stadium on fire after.


PS – 2014 World Cup is in Brazil. Should be fun!


PPS – here’s alleged video of the ref afterwards. I don’t know if it’s real. I do know it’s super, super, super gross.

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