Seth Rollins Will Grace The Cover Of WWE 2K18 And The Trailer Is AMAZING

Well that might just be the coolest thing Seth Rollins has ever done. That’s not a knock at him, either. This cinematic trailer to reveal Seth’s gonna be on the cover of a (most likely) shitty video game was one of the best things the entire company has done since…since the last time they did these.

Goldberg had this trailer that went mega viral and basically put him in the main event of WrestleMania against…

Brock Lesnar. Who had one of the most creative commercials I’ve ever seen. When the above “Downtown” trailer first came out, I had a conversation with indie wrestler and promoter Pat Buck about it. We were GUSHING over how unique it was and how cool it made everyone in it look, particularly Brock. Why can’t they ever have this level of production for video packages, or pay per view commercials, or show intros?

Yeah, I know it’s “unrealistic” that Seth went in to WWE HQ, killed a guy, and burnt it down. I get that it’s “fantasy” to have Brock Lesnar participating in an underground fight club. Who gives a shit? We’re not talking about New Japan here, where all of the matches are presented as sport. We’re talking about WWE, where they pick and choose when they want their product to be taken seriously and when they want Tyler Breeze to dress up as a janitor and woman in the same match. Why not dive in head first? Give it a shot at the very least. Ratings are worse than they’ve ever been, so a little creativity can’t hurt. Let the 2K commercial people book the show.

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