Seguin In Hot Water With Gay Hockey Community For Saying “No Homo” In A Tweet



(Yahoo) Tyler Seguin is in some hot water after an insensitive tweet on Monday night. Apparently two people Seguin know are featured in a new music video by the rapper Slaine. Seguin retweeted the video, saying he was moved by it, and used a homophobic phrase. This is horribly bad timing for an NHL player to be tweeting something like that, considering the league recently partnered with the You Can Play Project to help to continue education and support of the LGBT community (particularly within the sporting community). YCP’s founder, Patrick Burke, announced on Twitter that he’s already planning on meeting with Seguin and the Bruins about the tweet. He even offered some context on why the phrase is offensive and tried to help calm the storm of tweets directed at Seguin. For his part, Seguin immediately deleted the tweet and offered an apology.


Got to love Tyler Seguin chipping in with the fake apology here. He “sincerely regrets” that tweet? No chance. You know how I know that? Because there is nobody in the history of earth who has ever felt bad about saying “no homo.” Listen I’m all for gays doing whatever the fuck their sassy little asses want to do. Play hockey, be president, get married etc. But the term “no homo” just isn’t that offensive. All it basically means is that gayballs are more emotional than straights which they are. Is it a stereotype? Yes. Is it true? Yes. Is it mean? No. So the only way I can see that phrase being mildly offensive is because of how stupid and played out it is. Now does he regret that this gay hockey crusader is up his ass now? Well yeah I’m sure he does, but no way he feels bad about the actual tweet.


PS –  I actually  don’t hate the song. Just surprised Seguin is friends with the fat guy from The Town and he’s a rapper now.


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