Rutgers Student Newspaper Forced To Apologize For Offending Ugly Sorority With Article


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So this satirical student paper called The Medium wrote an hilarious article on this sorority composed pretty much entirely of disgusting creatures that is going to shutting down soon because they are running out of money. I don’t know how but I’m sure their financial troubles are undoubtedly a result of being gross. But I digress; here’s the article:

Long story short, all the sororities at Rutgers freaked out about it and caused an uproar. Fuckin women… not only are they not funny, but when somebody else is they do their best to ruin it. The paper ended up apologizing for the article:  The paper is consistently offensive and in my four years at the school they never apologized for anything they wrote.

Anyway, thought you may be interested.

Viva La Stool



Let’s not mince words here.  This article was flat mean.   It was mean spirited.  It was meant to hurt feelings.  It was meant to inflict psychological damage.   If I was a fat chick in this sorority I’d be furious and looking to crack some skulls.  But guess what?  It was also well written and undeniably funny.  And without knowing anything about this sorority I also know it was true.  Why else would everybody be so mad about it? Was it over the line?  Maybe because it’s so personal, but I’d still probably hire whoever wrote it on the spot.    Funny is funny.  This was funny.   Mean for sure.   Funny for sure.


(Cue the comment section morons… Hey Pres stop reblogging shit, blah, blah, blah.  Hey assholes, have you realized yet that nobody knows what the other guy is blogging?  We operate in our own universes.  I blogged this last night.  Kmarko posted it this morning.  Shit happens.)

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