Reader Email – We Want To Take Feitelberg To Meet Taylor Swift

(I decided to keep his hair. Looks kinda good on me)

Reader Email


We are entering a contest for a meet and greet with Taylor Swift before a concert. Person to get their link clicked most win. Since winner gets to bring 3 people to meet her we figured we’d cut you in on this if you helped us out via the Stool. No chance we lose to some 13 year old girls with stoolies just clicking a link and not even realizing they just helped us meet Taylor Swift. What do you say?

Here’s the link.



I actually already have butterflies. Because I know I’m going to meet Taylor Swift. There’s no way we lose this contest. All you have to do is click the link. Don’t even have to fill anything out. Just click and close. So I’m already looking past this silly little “contest.” I’m focusing on what I’m gonna do when I actually meet T-Swift. She’s a big time celebrity. Kind of intimidating, ya know?

I’m thinking I should show up in total bad boy attire. She hasn’t dated one of those yet. Maybe wear a leather vest with a pack of Reds rolled up under my sleeve. Probably put a temporary tattoo on my neck. Anything to let her know I care about one thing and one thing only: not following the rules. Plus she’s never dated a regular guy. She’s bounced around from celebrity to celebrity but never had anyone like me. And, call me crazy, but the break up song “Average Joe, Where’d You Go?” sounds like it has some real legs to it. Maybe she doesn’t even have to write that song because we stay together forever and her new CD is called Happily Ever After? I don’t know. All I do know is at the very least it will be the best Barstool video we’ve ever posted.

Click here so we win.

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