Reader Email – This Kid Hanging From A Street Light Last Night Is Getting A TON Of Play



This may be the most emailed video from last night. I’ve got video of this kid willingly falling off a street light from every angle imaginable. After the first video I thought “He just chooses to fall and gets caught, that’s nothing special.” I thought that after the second vid we got emailed to. And the third, and the 4th, and the 5th. But this is about the 100th so I guess I need to post it. Just know that I think it’s the pussiest “fall” in history and I think it sucks.


PS – There weren’t really riots last night, in Boston at least. One car got flipped, one kid climbed a street light, I think there were like 7 arrests. But I’ll never get the people who think causing havoc in the street is more fun than just getting shitfaced with your friends in a bar.

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