Reader Email – Is The Masters the Best Nap Event In the World?

Reader Email

Hey El Pres,

Nice handling of the Michigan loss, it was a great game regardless. Something that have popped into my head in the past 24 hours that don’t have to do with the NCAA. Is the Masters the opportunity to have the best nap of the year? The combination of the music, the high def pictures, and golf announcers. It’s the perfect storm.

Back to being an unemployed lawyer, keep up the good fight.


Absolutely and it’s not even close.  Like when I read this I knew I was going to blog it and wanted to put together a list of the best nap events in the world.  Something that could at least compete with the Masters.     I couldn’t do it.   There is nothing that even comes close to the Masters in terms of napability.  The Masters is a nap waiting to happen.  It’s in a league of it’s on.  The absolute premiere napping event on the planet.   Can anybody think of anything that even belongs in the same zip code as the Masters?  I can’t.

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