Reader Email – Is It Insane To Not Wear A T-Shirt Under Your Polo Or Button Down?

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Reader Email

I am an intern at an accounting firm and about half of the interns do not wear any kind of shirt underneath a button up or a polo. That is absolutely insane right? What is your opinion on whether to wear one or not?

Viva la Stool


No Clayton, you’re wrong. Wearing a t-shirt under a polo or button down is insane. Almost as insane as calling button downs, button ups. Children wear t-shirts under their shirts. Do you still wear long sleeve t-shirts under your t-shirts? Still have a bowl cut? If you answer no to those, then you’re far too old to be wearing a t-shirt under your polo and button down. The only time it’s acceptable is if you’re also wearing a tie and you’re a big sweat guy, a la Kruk. Other than, that you look like a sloppy fool.

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