Reader Email – Does This Failed Powerbomb Get My Friend Laid?


Reader Email

Pres -

My idiot friend was tearing it up in AC this past weekend. Meanwhile, his heart was at wrestlemania as he thinks he missed his calling as a WWE superstar/writer. His friend tried to execute a mean power bomb and the end result looks sloppy as hell.

PS – the attached pics will show you a.) how terrible his body is and b.) how badly he thinks he is the next Chris Jericho


This video is a prime example of why guys will always be funnier than girls. Like I’ve watched this 10 times and laughed out loud every time. I just can’t picture a group of girls ever doing something that could make me laugh like this. Just pure funny.  From him telling his buddy how he has to kick him in the stomach to set up the powerbomb, to totally missing the powerbomb, to his legs just dangling in the air after he broke his neck it’s all gold.  And then of course the coup de gras was the guy who said “that was the worst thing I’ve ever seen” before he even knew whether his buddy would ever walk again. Perfect timing. Great stuff all the way around.  A+ video.

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