Reader Email – Check Out This Chick Walking Her Turtle In Copley


Reader Email

Sup El Prez,  Stumbled upon this bitch walking her turtle through Copley Square yesterday. Nice to see things are back to normal around here.

Rob F.


This is obviously pretty cute. Turtle with a leash is adorable. Every time I look at that picture a smirk works it’s way onto my face. It’s the instant joy maker.

But that doesn’t keep me from thinking how awful it must be to walk a turtle. Anybody ever have to walk with their grandfather? Like at Christmas or something when your mom nudges you to walk him out to the car so he doesn’t slip on ice. It’s excruciating. Slowest walkers in the world. You’re being nice and pretending to listen to him say something that doesn’t make sense, but since he’s old it sounds wise, and all you’re really thinking is “DUDE! Hurry THE FUCK up!” I assume that walking a turtle is a lot like that only the turtle isn’t racist as shit.

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