Rate How Stupid The Kid Running the Knockoff Foam Party At Umass Is


So last week I wrote a blog about how bullshit it was that Umass was hosting a knockoff foam party.  You can read the blog here.   Well this weekend the kid who runs the fake foam company posted this on his facebook page….



Believe it or not I wasn’t even going to respond to this rant.  It wasn’t worth my time.  I said my peace about how bullshit the whole thing was and I had no plans of ever mentioning it again. It was just something I had to get off my chest. But then this kid emails me last night saying he wants to clear the air with me and be buddy buddy.   Let bygones be bygones.   Wanted to treat each other with respect moving forward blah, blah, blah.


Umm how stupid do have to be bro?  Two seconds ago you called me a fucking liar.  Now you’re putting in writing that everything I said was the fucking truth? Hey asshole we’re not friends.  We’re not colleagues.  You’re a scumbag just like I said you were the first time. The only reason you’re suddenly reaching out to me is because you’re afraid we’re going to fuck up your Umass show.  I mean did you really think I wasn’t going to blow you up?   Are you that fucking crazy?  Listen people can call me all types of names.  The only thing that bothers me is when people call me a liar.  Because despite all my bravado and rhetoric the one thing I never do on the blog is lie.  I don’t do it.  Never have.  Never will.  When I write something on the blog it’s truth and this moron just proved it.  Again if Umass has any self pride Mullins Center won’t have more than 200 people in it.  Not because he booked it in the middle of Finals, but because this is as UnAmerican as it gets.  You can’t let the Umass administration get away with this type of nonsensical decision making.




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