Questions That Have Bothered Me Forever: On Average How Many Questions Do People Get Right When They Watch Jeopardy?


So I’ve been watching a little Jeopardy lately. I think primarily because KFC is always tweeting about it. Anyway I have a question. How many questions do people generally get right when they watch a full episode of Jeopardy? I feel like if I get 5 questions right I had a monster game. I’m talking a MONSTER game. And I’ve never in the history of watching the show gotten final jeopardy right. Never even been in the same zip code. Is everybody like that? Is Jeopardy the fucking hardest show ever or what? That’s why I don’t watch it more. Trebek always makes me feel like an idiot. And I feel like I’m smarter than basically all the Stoolies combined so how many questions do you guys getting right per show? 1 if you’re lucky?

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